[APK] ガンダムコンクエスト / Gundam Conquest v1.01.00

Posted on 19-12-13

Powerful tag for popular smartphone game topped the (※) 500 million downloads total national series robot anime as “Mobile Suit Gundam” and “Kingdom Conquest” is finally realized!
This work, an online-only game that can be played along with the tens of thousands of players like many other people!
Player simulation part to do war and the development of the colonies,
Action part you play in concert with up to four players,
To strengthen his army while playing both, so you aim to win! !

[Recommended] OS version
You can also be downloaded in the terminal of ※ Android OS2.3 or later Android OS4.0 or more,
Where some action is heavy jewels. Please note.

[Recommendations and the latest models, for inquiries other]


(1) and recommended models, with regard to the operation of the recommended OS version other than, you will be eligible for support.
The available (2) Status of customers, it may not run stably even in the recommended models.
There is not a thing, even if the terms of (3) Recommended OS version, it is described as “Android 4.0 or more”, are necessarily correspond to the latest version.

※ Please start in a good place of the communication environment application first start, and so to get a large amount of data in a communication to the tutorial in progress.


[APK] ガンダムコンクエスト / Gundam Conquest v1.01.00


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